Rexite Wall Clock Orario Raul Barbieri

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    Rexite Wall Clock Orario Raul Barbieri

    Ideal for offices and public spaces, the elegant and refined white /aluminium/ stainless steel clock face marks the passing of the hours.

    Quartz movement, alkaline battery LR6 1.5 V included

    Size: Dia 45 cm, Depth 5.5 cm.

    White and Aluminium finish designed in 1998

    Stainless steel designed in 2005

    Maintenance: please use gently a soft cloth, eventually with water and neutral soap,
    do not use alcohol, chemical products or abrasives

    Materials & finishing for White and Aluminium :

    face in engineering polymer (ABS) painted with thermoplastic acrylic paint
    numbers in serigraphy
    case in ABS, batch-dyed or aluminium painted
    hands in batch-dyed ABS

    Technical properties for Stainless Steel :

    given that in nature there is no existing material which is completely unaffected by atmospheric factors,
    this basket is to be considered suitable for outdoor use having shown only slight superficial changes
    when subjected to the corrosion resistance test of 500 hours exposure in a salt spray chamber; however
    is not suitable for use in swimming pools and saunas, where the athmosphere is loaded with chlorine,
    because specific antibacterial substances used for the routine sanitisation of fittings can cause powerful
    aggressive reactions capable, in the long period, of damaging its surface.
    quartz movement (U.T.S. - made in Germany)
    alkaline battery LR6 1,5 V (included)


    About the brand


    Rexite is an Italian design company that specializes in producing innovative and functional furniture and home accessories. The company was founded in 1968 and has since gained international recognition for its contemporary designs.

    Rexite's design philosophy centers around creating products that combine aesthetics, functionality, and simplicity. The company collaborates with renowned designers to develop pieces that are visually striking while addressing practical needs.

    Rexite offers a range of furniture, including chairs, tables, stools, and shelving systems. Their furniture designs often feature clean lines, minimalist forms, and a focus on ergonomics. Rexite's furniture is known for its versatility, durability, and ability to adapt to various environments.

    In addition to furniture, Rexite produces a variety of home accessories. This includes items such as wall clocks, coat racks, magazine holders, and desk organizers. These accessories share Rexite's design ethos of combining form and function in innovative ways.

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